Thursday, July 5, 2012

Attempted Volcano Hike

 Brian took a plant taxonomy class last semester and his big project was to collect a whole bunch of local, flowering plant samples. So we spent a fair amount of time just out driving around looking for plants. On one such trip, we passed the volcano out toward Veyo and the boys both got really excited about it. 
 We thought, "what the heck, let's get out and climb it." It was so difficult!! Neither Brian or I are in terrible shape, so we figured we could help the boys up and it would be fine, but we only made it about half way. 
 All the lava rock is loose and you slide down 2 steps for every step you try to take up. We all had tons of tiny, lava rocks in our shoes by the time we trudged part of the way up and then slipped and slid back down.
It's still nice to live in a place like this, though, where we can have so many fun, outdoor activities to choose from. I think we'll go back and try again at some point, but we'll be prepared with huge, sturdy, walking sticks! 


Rob O said...

You must zig-zag! I think we did it once (you kids and me) after we first moved there and went down inside. It was slow going up then very fast coming down!

Cristina said...

It's like walking in sand, so frustrating.